Trying to rekindle how much I used to love to draw. It was nice to draw something that wasn’t Sonic of a cartoon animal for once, I guess.


I wasn’t feeling too good earlier but I got off work to find Garrett had reblogged my artwork and it gave me the boost I needed <3

So here she is~ my new favourite skull covered pastel goth grim reaper <3

[just realized there’s a logic error in how I drew her hair and her hood. opps. She’s supernatural, she doesn’t live by our rules, okay?]


I took a quick break to draw one of the new SDCC Monster High reveals because heeeeeeeeeeelppppp I’m a neeerddddd and I’m in loooooooooovvveeeeee with magical girl pastel goth grim reaper baby

re: all the new releases


waiting for comic con reveals like

ugh what a stressful day at work *opens new doll* ahhh yeah, that’s the stuff.



mattel y make new doll characters sdcc excluse?

we can’t b friends anymore

you know what i really like about monster high?

now they seem to be listening to us as to what we’d like to see.


~I Love You for your Pink Catdillac~

~We can park it out in back
And have a party in your Pink Cadillac~